ESP Sound has been our exclusive sound company since 2006. Paul’s expertise is extraordinary when it comes to finding the perfect mix for our band. Trust us, It’s not an easy thing to do with 5 to 6, live, open microphones onstage along with five instruments and with 4 separate monitor mixes. Whether it’s a club, small corporate event, large wedding or mega large indoor/outdoor festival or venue, ESP can adjust, adapt and make us sound incredible wherever we are. Bottom line is, You can have the greatest band/sound anywhere but the real truth is, if you have bad sound, it doesn’t matter how good you are. You’ll just sound bad. Paul Duffley and ESP Sound, understand and know how deliver our sound to the audience. You’re as good as your sound company and Paul is great! They also go above and beyond in several other areas. If they are busy (as they always are) they secure the best alternative sound for us through there vast network of sound professionals. We could go on as they do so much more. So if you’re looking for the right sound company, look no further. We couldn’t give a higher recommendation to Paul Duffley and ESP Sound.

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