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Paul Duffley ~ Owner / Engineer

Paul Duffley ~ Owner

It all began back in the 80’s when I became a disc jockey, believe it or not!
I loved music loud and clean. It became rather annoying when I was doing parties that had old ladies show up and they would sit right in front of the speakers, then complain that the music was too loud. After a few years of that, I gave up and started to roadie for the Catunes (a local band with a regional following). That brought me to the late 80’s when I began to work as a crew member with Red Line Sound, mixing sound and loving the quality of equipment they carried.

In the early 90’s I became the House Engineer at The Harp in downtown Boston and after about 2-1/2 years I took the soundman position with Clutch Grabwell and still mix them today. After a couple of shows of using equipment that was not qualified to use in some bedrooms, and the upcoming retirement of Red Line Sound, I made my move and bought the latest equipment from JBL, Crown, and Allen-Heath. I liked it so much I bought a second one and am looking to purchase more.

I have very qualified engineers working with our equipment.


Professional Staff, Experienced Audio Engineers, Premium Equipment, PA Delivery & Pick-up.